Convening, Connecting & Catalyzing the Body.
This is Movement Day Charlotte.

What is MD Charlotte?

Advancing the Gospel in Charlotte

Launching in 2018, Movement Day Charlotte (MDC) is a one-day gathering of Christian leaders from every sphere (marketplace, millennial, non-profit/ministry and church), who are passionate about seeing the full expression of Christ’s church come together to advance the gospel in Charlotte. MDC is an initiative of the For Charlotte Mission Network, in collaboration with the Movement Day Global Initiative, focused on connecting and equipping Christian leaders to make a measurable impact on the most pressing urban issues facing Charlotte, such as fatherlessness, poverty, low employment and education.

Convening • Connecting • Catalyzing

Convening Christian Leaders

To an annual gathering.

Connecting Christian Leaders

To each other and to the needs of the city.

Catalyzing Christian Leaders

To work collaboratively for measurable impact.

A City Gospel Movement

Growing, Collaborating, Influencing & Connecting

The overarching aim of MDC is to see an ongoing, sustainable city gospel movement in Charlotte, NC. A city gospel movement is best identified by the following characteristics:

  • A city’s Christian population growing faster than the general population.
  • Local churches integrating/collaborating to reach new individuals.
  • Leaders exercising their faith and influence in every sector of society.
  • City-wide networks mobilizing, developing, and connecting these leaders.

Gospel Movement from a biblical perspective happens when people see the power of the gospel in tangible ways that makes the gospel real and attractive. For Jesus, it happened through the truth of the words that He spoke being demonstrated by the actions that He did. It was the same with the apostles. (Acts 4:32-35)

The Building Blocks of a City Gospel Movement

Dependent Prayer

City Gospel Movements are Initiated and Sustained by God. We are wholly dependent on Him.

United Leadership

Equipping Existing Leadership & Cultivating Millennial Leadership.

Trusted Research 

Compelling Research Spawns Results.

Shared Goals & Outcomes

Leading to Measurable Impact.